Time Management Coaching

Time is often equated with money, and just as we often find ourselves short of cash, we also find ourselves short of time. To understand where your time goes, it is important to assess how you actually spend your time. That is why one of your first tasks I will ask you to complete, is a time audit.

Benefits of time management coaching

  • Space for reflection and someone to motivate you to achieve your goals
  • Focus your time and energy on the things you want and value
  • Help prioritising your tasks
  • Overcome the procrastination habit
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Tune in to your energy cycle
  • Develop a time management action plan

All my coaching clients have unlimited email access to me as well, in case there are any along-the-way questions that come up during the week.

I use highly recommended and proven techniques that you don’t even have to take time out to come and see me at my office; and we never even have to meet.

We can work together over the telephone, and I can send you follow-up reading material, and you can email me with progress reports. I can help you attain a healthier, happier lifestyle.

Take the first step and contact me today to take advantage of my free 30 minute telephone time management coaching consultation

I am happy to answer any questions you may have about confidence coaching and I always like to discuss whether this type of life coaching is right for you before our first session. By calling me you are under no obligation to come to a session.

You can call my mobile number 07961 016 334, or you can fill out the form below.

I normally respond to enquiries as soon as possible, if I am unable to respond immediately I aim to reply within 24 hours.


Why I can help you

Stress management and a lack of confidence often go hand in hand, I have extensive experience of helping clients Increase their self confidence and enhance their self-belief and attract success in all areas of their lives.

I am a Life coach and obtained an Advanced Diploma in Personal Coaching with distinction and a certificate in DISC Personality Profiling with The Coaching Academy, the world’s largest training organisation for coaches.

I am also a full member of The Stress Management Society and associate member of the Association for Coaching.

Client Testimonial

“I found the coaching beneficial by allowing me to take an honest look at myself and I was able to analyse things that hindered my well being i.e. my poor time management skills.

Having Charmaine to coach me, meant that I could explore myself and come up with possible actions in order to deal positively with this and other areas of my life that I was not satisfied with”.

J Thompson from London

Charges for Time Management Counselling

Time Management Coaching costs £430 for 6 sessions or £75 per session.

The initial 30 minute phone consultation is free and you are under no obligation to purchase the service.

I do not use pressure-selling techniques and leave it up to you to call me after the free consultation.

I recommend a minimum of six sessions, as with experience we have found clients get the best benefits and lasting results from the time spent.

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