What can I expect from your business coaching programmes?

Life Coaching and Business Coaching  is not a quick fix; in order for you to be successful, it is important you complete the programme. It’s best to start with a block of six sessions we can then review and decide the best way forward.

What is the coaching relationship?

Our relationship is a supportive partnership. The relationship between the coach and the client is key. I am here to support and encourage you to create a plan and transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. Together, I will help you move successfully towards your goals.

Where does coaching take place?

We can work together over the telephone, and I can send you follow-up reading material, and you can email me with progress reports. If you prefer to meet we can arrange a suitable time for us to discuss your business, career and personal goals. I can help you turn your passion ideas into a business. I use highly recommended and proven techniques that you don’t even have to take time out to come and see me at my office; and we never even have to meet.

If you would like to meet, we can meet at at hotel in Islington  or a meeting room  so that we can really stay focused on our tasks.

How flexible are your appointments?
In order to minimise disruption to your family life or work commitments, I offer early appointments starting from 8.00 a.m. and late evening appointments; the last appointment is typically 8.00 p.m.

I can also offer some Saturday morning appointments, please call to discuss.

How long is the duration of a coaching session?
The duration of a typical session is 60 minutes.

How often are the coaching sessions?
Coaching sessions can be weekly or fortnightly, the frequency usually depends on the outcome.

What relevant qualifications do you have?
Diploma in Personal Coaching – 2009-Distinction
Diploma in Youth Coaching -2009-Distinction
Cert in DISC Personality Profiling -2009
Primary Certificate in Stress Management-2009

Code of Ethics
I am an associate member of the Association for Coaching and adheres to their Code of Ethics. A copy can be provided by request.

What does the free 30 minute telephone coaching consultation consist of?
At this consultation, you will have an opportunity to talk about your life, passion, career and business ideas and ask any questions you may have.  You will have a greater understanding of how life coaching or business coaching  works and can decide whether coaching is right for you. There is no obligation or pressure to make a decision.

What happens after I have decided to take up coaching?
Once you have decided you would like us to work together, You will receive information from me either by email or post that includes a coaching agreement and a detailed questionnaire, which will help you to clarify such things as the most important values in your life, career or business what your strengths are, what holds you back from living the life you truly desire. We will set the appointment for the intake session and I’ll explain more about how coaching works.

What is an Intake Session?
An intake session is the first coaching session; it’s where we begin to design how our coaching relationship will work best for you. It usually can take up to 90 minutes and is important in creating the foundation of your coaching experience. During the intake session we go over the information you shared on the questionnaire and discuss your business, career and personal goals and desires. We’ll talk about how you want to be supported and what works best for you so that you’ll gain optimum results from our coaching partnership.

What about homework?

Oh, yes, there’s homework! Our weekly/ fortnightly sessions are extremely powerful, but focusing on your goals once a week isn’t going to move you forward as quickly as you would like. So if you want to be challenged and achieve your goals more quickly, each week you’ll chose interim goals and assignments to do during the following week, something that will offer deep insight, motivation and action towards your goals.

Is Coaching confidential?
Coaching is confidential. The only circumstance where a coach is obliged to break confidentiality is if you have indicated that there is risk of serious harm to yourself or someone else.