Charmaine Pollard


Initially I started out as a part time entrepreneur juggling full time work and a family. After many dedicated years I was in an unfortunate, or some might say fortunate position, of being made redundant. The situation gave me a real opportunity to look at my life honestly, and made me realise it was time to start my own business full time. I wanted to stand on my own, and be in charge of my destiny.

So in the late nineties I started my own training and consultancy company working with private, public and voluntary sector organisations and individuals. I have not looked back since.

I help my clients to reach their full potential through a personal development approach to coaching. Coming from a counselling background, I still see some clients through my counselling activities, I can understand the real emotional connection your work or your business aspirations have to your sense of achievement. It’s this personal understanding and professional background that I believe makes me a successful coach.

I recognised that whilst many of my clients wanted to: increase turn over, develop a great marketing strategy, advance their career, or become more confident they also wanted help to reduce stress and pressure by achieving a manageable work life balance.

My coaching programs look at all aspects of your life to achieve success at work and on a personal level. I now focus my time and energy on coaching clients through life coaching and business coaching programmes I have developed.

Helping you achieve your aspirations while supporting your emotional health is a job I love. I get a real kick out of delivering life coaching and  business coaching, to my clients because I get a great sense of satisfaction from the positive effect I have on their lives.

I did it! You can do it too!

Charmaine Pollard